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Старты в Украине - 2019-2020 | Ukrainian Events 2019-2020

Забег 30 и 15 км - Одесса, 20 октября 2019
Марафон, полумарафон - Одесса 22 марта 2020
48-24-12 ч забег - Винница, 27 июня 2020
6 и 3 ч забег - Харьков, 26 июля 2020
24-12-6-3 ч забег - Киев, 8 августа 2020

Welcome to the website of ultramarathon Self-transcendence races in Ukraine!

We see our mission in multiday culture development. The highest priority for us is to create all conditions for runners to do their best. Along with high standard in organization, food and refereeing we are trying to create good and friendly atmosphere, which helps runners to transcend their past results and go beyond.

The title of competition came from Marathon Team founder, Sri Chinmoy, who was inspiring athletes to transcend and win over themselves and not to compete with others.

Conquer yourself.
You will be so happy, pleased and proud
That you have not desired
To conquer others.

Sri Chinmoy

Philosophy of the ultra-marathon races



24H real time results

You can follow the results of the 24/12 hour Ukrainian championship and the self-excellence 6 hour race (09/21/09/2019) in real-time on the next UAF resource


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Vinnytsa +380-67-8118023

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