General information

Ukrainian Championships for 48 hour, 24 and 12 hour races
Self-transcendence Races for 6 and 3 hours, relay race for 48 hours.

Start of 48 hour race and relay: 12:00 – July 16, 2021 (Fri)
Start of the 24 hour race: 12:00 – July 17, 2021 (Sat).
Start of the 12 hour race 24:00 – July 17, 2021 (Sat).

Start of the 6 hour race 12:00 – July 17, 2021
Starts of 3 hour races: July 17, 2021, 12:00, 15:00 and 18:00

Races take place on the lap, 1121.65 m long (can be changed), at the Gorky Central Park city of Vinnitsa. The surface of the lap – asphalt.

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Registration takes place on the site

Entry fee in UAH

Competitions till Jun 1 Till July 1 Till July 9
48H 1800 1850 1900
48 relay (2 runners) 2600 UAH – in total 2800,00 2900
24H 1400 1450 1500
12H 900 950 1000
6H 500 550 600
3H 300 350,00 400,00

Registration ends July 9, 2021.

48-hour Relay

The team consists of two participants.Team composition is formed arbitrarily: man + man, man + female, female + femaleThe relay team receives one number that the team members pass on to each other while on the move. The moment of the transfer of the number is not regulated and is arbitrary in time and is carried out on the starting line with the oral report to the counting commission.The counting commission fixes the team number without fixing the participant.

Schedule of the event

July 16, 2021

from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. registration and issuance of numbers.
11 00 –11 15 acquaintance of runners with the track and equipment of the sports town.
11 30-12 00  opening of the competition, presentation of the runners
12 00 start of the 48-hour race and 48-hour relay race.

July 17, 2021

12 00 starts of races on 24 and 6 hours. Start #1 of the 3H race
15 00 – start #2 of the 3H race
18 00 finish of the 6H race
18 00 start #3 of the 3H race
24 00 start of the 12-hour race

July 18, 2021
12 00 general finish of the Ukrainian championships for 48, 24 and 12 hours.
14 30 award ceremony

Terms of financing the event and material support of the participants:

  • on preparation and carrying out of competitions: services on operation of a place of carrying out of competitions (park), software services, transport services, rent of the measuring and sound equipment, office equipment, information boards and other, material maintenance (paper, stationery, prize attributes, medicines and transfer, binding materials), online competition recording services, race numbers printing, drinks and vegetarian hot meals during the competition (4 meals a day; if participants have specifics in nutrition, they must take care of it themselves), basic medical care and massage, place for tents at the expense of Vinnytsia regional public organization “Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team”;
  • logistics of the participants, coaches and representatives (leaders) of teams to the competition (travel to the competition venue and place of residence, daily on the road and meals on competition days), as well as accommodation of participants in hotels – at the expense of sending organizations;
  • participants of competitions independently solve questions of an overnight stay before and after competitions;
  • general recommendations: have your own tent, flashlight, shower set, sleeping bag, raincoat

Awards for 48 hours 

An individual championship is held.
In the relay, the team that took first place is awarded.
Participants of the individual championship (men and women separately), who took 1-3 places in the 48-hour race, are additionally awarded by special medals for winning the Championship of Ukraine and memorable gifts.
Absolute winners are awarded with cups. Winners in age categories are awarded separately:
up to 23 years, 50-59 years, 60 years and more (separately men and women).

Awards for 24-12-6 hours 

An individual championship is held. As well as a team championship in the regions.
All participants of the individual championship receive original medals. Participants who took absolute 1-3 places in 24 and 12 hour races (men and women separately) are additionally awarded by special medals for winning the Championship of Ukraine and prizes. 

Absolute winners are awarded with cups.
The first three places of the individual championship in the races for 24/12/6 hours in the categories 18-22, 23-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+ are also awarded.
Participants of the first three teams are awarded with medals in the team championship in the regions of Ukraine.

Awards for 3 hours 

The absolute first three places in the 3-hour races (men and women separately) are awarded with prizes. In a series of 3-hour races, the first places are determined by the best results of all races at the end of all three starts. 

Admission to the competition

  • admission to competitions is carried out in accordance with the Rules of World Athletics;
  • each participant must have an ID (passport);
  • citizens of foreign countries are obliged to provide medical insurance that covers participation in sports competitions or accident insurance;
  • all registered participants are independently responsible for their own lives and health in relation to the competition and sign a statement;
  • athletes – members of foreign Athletic Federations, are allowed to participate in competitions only with the consent of UAF;
  • Participants who have submitted an application, paid for the participation, as well as who have passed the control of normal body temperature at registration are allowed to participate in the competition.

The minimum qualification for participants is:
in the 48H race – successful finish in 24H race;
in the 24H race – a successful finish in a 12H race;
in 6 and 12 hour race – successful finish in the marathon;
in the 48H relay – a successful finish in the marathon of each of the participant;


Central Park named after Gorkogo. (Hlibna str 1)From the train station you can take any tram, trolleybus #5, or buses # 23A, 25, 29A. Nearest stop – Teatralna.


For more information please call + 380678781326.


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