The official results arrived!

Congratulations to all participants of the the 24/12/6/3 hour races! It was touching to watch the runners smiling despite their fatigue and pain. Some, however, only inwardly) You are the best! Everybody is the winner, first of all over your own doubts and limitations!


Andrey Tkachuk has done the Master of Sports qualification! 240.548 km
Elena Shevchenko confirmed the qualification of the Master of Sports! 219.289 km (coach Nastachenko V.F.)
Lyudmila Oleinik did the qualification for Candidate of Master of Sports! 181.385 km

The following three girls did the standard of the first category in running for 24 hours:
Elena Mikhaylik 164.761 km
Valentina Kovalskaya 159.598 km
Svetlana Samarina 149.514 km

Also did the qualification of the first category
Dmitry Krasnov 192.005 km
Yury Trostenyuk 188.296 km

Altogether, 70 runners from Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Turkey and Italy took part in four races.

Final results with laps are available here.

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