We invite you to the Ukrainian championships in running for 48/24/12 hours in 2021!

Given the unpredictable situation, we once again combine championships from different cities and hold three days of running in Vinnytsia from 16 to 18 July 2021.

In the program:
– 48H race
– 24H race
– 12H race
– 48-hour relay (two participants)
– Self-transcendence race for 6 hours
– Self-transcendence race for 3 hours
– traditionally high standard of food and service from the Sri Chinmoy marathon team
– a positive drive, the joy of self-transcendence victory
– smiles of familiar athletes and live communication with the running community.

The competitions are held on the asphalt alleys of the shady central park of Vinnytsia.

Starts are agreed and approved by Ukrainian Athletic Federation.

Detailed information and registration


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