About the race

Welcome to the Vinnitsa 48/24 hour self-transcendence race web site!

The race will take place for the tenth time in 2018. The status of the race is open Ukrainian championship on 2-day race.  In spite of many things that have to be adjusted for the runners’ comfort, race directors are sure the race will maintain and increase a very high standard. Also it’s because among the members of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team – sponsor of the event – there are some experienced New York 6 and 10 day race runners who are helping with the organization. And they are perfectly familiar with the ‘kitchen’ of the ultraraces.

The basis of the race is Sri Chinmoy’s approach: you can do your very best if you transcend your previous results and do maximum at every moment, and not if you compete with the others and try to overcome their achievements in every possible way.

We are truly unlimited
If we only dare to try
And have faith.

Sri Chinmoy

Below you will find short info about the race and the further links

Place and directions

Will be happy to see you at the starting line!