Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of 12, 24 and 48 hour Selftranscendence races in 2018.

  1. Goal and mission.

The main purpose of 12, 24 and 48 hour Selftranscendence races is to spread ideas in support of healthy and active lifestyle by involving all those who are interested to intense physical exercises and sports.

To analyze the results for the selection of the athletes to participate the European 24 hours and 100 km Championships.

To help participants to discover their athletic ability and inner potential while getting over their own limits.

To support Physical Culture and Sport Committee in the development and promotion of the idea of healthy lifestyle among the citizens of Ukraine.

The tasks of the mass sports race:

  • to promote healthy lifestyle and ultra-marathon movement;

  • to give an opportunity to participants of the competitions not only to reveal their top abilities, but also to transcend them.

2. Date and venue.

The Competitions will be held in the park “Druzhba Narodiv“, Vinnytsia. (Directions: from the Railway Station by shuttle №23-A to the stop Park Druzhba Narodiv” or from the Railway Station by trolleybus №5 to the Prospekt Kosmonavtiv (avenue), then after crossing the road, go along Prospekt Kosmonavtov(avenue) toward Stakhurska St. (approximately 500 m).

Competitions will be held from June 29 till July 1, 2018. All events begin at 12:00 (noon).

3. Competition management.

“Vinnytsia Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team regional organization”, Physical Culture and Sports Committee of the Vinnytsia City Council, Vinnytsia Regional Center FZO” Sport for All” provide general management of the race.

NGO “Vinnytsia Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team regional organization” provide direct management of preparation and holding of the competition.

Executives of the competition:

Competition director: Natalia Hluschuk;

Chief Secretary: Alla Balatska;

UAF Organizing delegate: Ihor Mudryk;

UAF Technical delegate: Valentyn Ionov

4. Terms of the races; participants.

During the competition, participants run around the circle (circumference length 1121.65m), located in the park “Druzhba Narodiv“,Vinnitsa city. Track surface compacted screening.

The minimum requirements for participants:

The minimum requirement for participation in the 48 hour race is a successfully completed 24 hour race.

The minimum requirement for participation in the 24 hour race is a successfully completed 12-hour race.

The minimum requirement for participation in the 12-hour race is a successfully completed marathon.

4.1 Relay.

The team consists of two members.

Team members form a team.

Team is formed arbitrarily: Male+Male, Male + Female, Female + Female.

The minimum requirement for participation in the relay is a successfully completed marathon of each participant.

A relay team gets one number that team members pass each other while moving. Transferring of the number is not regulated and is arbitrary in time. Transferring of the number is carried out on the starting line with the oral report to the counting commission.

Counting Commission tracks the number of the team, but not the member of the team.

Only participants who have applied and received confirmation from the organizers and obtained the permit from the physician of a medical sports clinic on a day of arrival are admitted to the competition.

5. Competition program.

  1. 48 hour race.

  2. 24 hour race.

  3. 12 hour race.

  4. 48 hour relay.

6. Schedule.

June 29, 2018

9 00 – 11 00 runners registration, numbers issuing.

11 00 – 11 15 familiarization with the track and race camp equipment

11 20 – 12 00 the opening Ceremony of the competition

12 00 start of the 48 hour race and 48 hour relay

June 30, 2018

12 00 start of 24 hour race

5 August, 2017

24 00 start of 12 hour race

July 1, 2018

12 00 general finish of all the races.

14 00 closing and award ceremony of the competition.

7. Rewards

    1. Individual championship

    2. In the relay the team that won the first place gets a reward.

Participants of the individual championship, who take 1, 2 and 3 place in 12 hour, 24 hour and 48 hour races(men and women separately) are awarded medals and mementos.

The winners of each of the races are awarded cups.

    1. Separately awarded winners in age categories:

      under 23 years, 50-59 years and over 60 (men and women separately).


Organizers provide:

  • Drinks and vegetarian hot meals during the competition (4 meals a day). If you have specifics in the diet, you need to take care of it yourself;

  • basic medical care and massage;

  • location for tents (Organizers recommend to bring over your own tent).

Participants take care of their accommodation the night before and after the event.

Travel expenses of participants are on the sending organization.

General recommendations: to have a tent, flashlight, set for shower, sleeping bag, raincoat.

  1. The terms and conditions of application.

You can register for the competition online within www.races.org.ua no later than June 25, 2018.

To participate in the races it is mandatory to have medical certificate/admission from a physician, ID and confirmation of your participation from the organizers.